Navigation for Runners

Would you like to enter a mountain marathon or self navigation race but not sure where to start? Join us in the beautiful Borrowdale Valley and learn navigation basics including route choice and other tactics related to mountain marathons.

More details

This can be booked as a stand alone course or alongside Beginners Mountain Running to make it two days.

What to expect

Spend an enjoyable day navigating on and off trails in the Lake District while learning about the terrain choices, kit and navigation required to have an enjoyable first self navigation race or first mountain marathon.

Have you heard about mountain marathon but don’t know where to start? Have you entered the OMM or SLMM and would like to know how to prepare?

Join us near Borrowdale where we will spend a day learning navigation specific to runners.

You will have the chance to practice and learn together. This will be a small group so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Who is it for?

As we will be navigating we will be mostly walking with frequent stops. We will be out on our feet for quite a few hours on the day, but this will be a mixture of walking and running with frequent stops and snack breaks. If you are comfortable running slowly for an hour on the flat or walking in the hills for 5-6 hours you should be fine. The aim here is for everyone to learn and get the most out of the day and fitness shouldn’t be a barrier. If you have any concerns, please contact us.



Arrival Time: 9:30

Location: Borrowdale

  • 9:30 Meet your guide and fellow participants and talk about what you would like to get out of the day. 

  • 10am – 4pm Head out onto the fells. Please bring lunch which we will be eating out on the hill. The format of the day will vary depending on location and conditions but will include

    • Discussing and experiencing the types of terrain likely to be encountered on races and mountain runs.

    • Navigation, basics of reading a map including understanding contours, how to orientate a map and take a bearing.

    • The types of maps and routes likely on mountain marathons, understanding score and linear courses. Tactics and route choices.

  • 4pm – head down to the valley for a well-earned drink in the local pub and chat about what everyone has learnt.

What to bring

  • Compass

  • OS OL4 1:25,000 and Harveys/BMC 1:40,000 map of the Lake District.

  • Warm clothes. We will do some running but will also spend lots of time staying still while we practice navigation and have discussions. Extra layers are essential.

  • Full waterproof cover (jacket and trousers).

  • Suitable footwear for wet ground, preferably off road/running shoes. Contact us if you have any concerns

  • Hat & Gloves

  • Lunch, snacks & a water bottle


Saturday 16th July

Monday 5th September