Survey – women’s experiences in the outdoors

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Women are hugely underrepresented in outdoor activities. Despite there being some brilliant initiatives such as the Women’s Adventure Expo, Adventure Queens, and the climbing related Women’s Trad Festival, only 26% of Mountain Leaders* in the UK are women (*

Ladies please complete this survey! –>

I’m trying to find out more about women’s experience, goals and barriers towards achieving their dreams. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have – whether you have never set foot outside the M25, are a qualified outdoors instructor, or anything in between, your opinions will be hugely valuable in helping me work out the best way to create something which plays a part in the journey towards equalising representation of women in the outdoors.

I will use this information to put together events and activity weekends for women to address the goal above. This survey refers specifically to *UK* experience only. In the description boxes please add in as much as you can of anything you think is relevant, your personal experiences and opinions. By completing the survey, you give permission for your answers to be quoted anonymously on my blog and website and any other relevant areas. You do not need to enter your name if you don’t want to.

Guys – please don’t complete the survey as it would confuse the results however do please contact me directly if you have any comments or opinions you would like to share.

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